fluidnow  factors that affect the smooth running of a business. One is environmental technologies that now dominate many areas of life, not to mention the field of entrepreneurship. In the midst of business competition, the Internet provides many facilities both for entrepreneurs, as well as consumers. This is the main attraction for entrepreneurs to plunge into the virtual world in order to maximize the potential of their business, so that more people transact
on line
in an effort to meet the needs of daily life
day. In the era of globalization where technology is growing rapidly without causing tolerance inevitably entrepreneurs to participate in their utilization. They realize the importance of the Internet as a means to participate in global markets. As a result, small industries, large and medium-race

 offer excellent products of their race, either in the form of goods or services, the Internet users who come from all walks of life regardless of a specific community

Some role and influence of the Internet on the development of Indonesia's first entrepreneurship is to improve customer satisfaction where established proximity between employers and consumers so that employers become more responsive in meeting the needs of consumers, and to help employers in the affairs
in order to capture a number of consumers that can increase business income. In addition, in the case of payment in which the Internet plays create ease by providing a system of payment transaction service that is easy, fast and safe, also in product marketing and dissemination to the public, as well as in the recruitment of competent work force to produce quality products so that businesses thrive wide.