The existence of the Internet is
 increasingly inevitable.
Utilization of the Internet has plagued many areas of life. Its use did not know the age, race, or background of a person. Internet can be used by all people, including entrepreneurs in their business development efforts.
The title of the paper is "The Role of the Internet to the development Kewirausa
Indonesia ". The goal is to determine the extent to which the Internet,
which is part of the real form of the times in the era of modernity, was instrumental in the development of entrepreneurship Indonesia, either through a variety of applications contained therein, as well as in its use by local entrepreneurs Indonesia in order to maximize their business potential. The model used in the preparation of this paper is a model of qualitative approach with library research method that emphasizes the observational data collection and dokumentatif through sources

the variables to be observed, myqwest in order to obtain some form of data presentation in the narrative, and descriptive detail in the exposure of various information that has been obtained. From the observation, in-depth research and analysis through data searches